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Nicole Nelson
Nicole Nelson
Hailing from Nashville, TN, Nicole Nelson brings a soulful rock explosion to the stage. Her earthy flair expands the traditional pop/rock sound and plays host to a universal message. “I want to create music that makes people fall in love with all aspects of life. Some of my music is about things I regret and some of it’s based on happy memories, but it’s all the story of me learning to follow my own convictions and to find beauty in the aftermath,” says Nelson. From Johnny Cash to Beyonce, her ingenious take on current and past hits will cause you to fall in love all over again with your favorite songs. Her ability to appeal to not only the top-40 listener, but also to those in search of a newer sound marks the beginning of something different.

Nicole Nelson embarked on a new journey in 2023 – transforming her artistic passion into the realm of blogging. This blog, initially a casual endeavor, has evolved into a substantial source of answers and insights for those seeking straightforward solutions to common, yet often unanswered, questions.

In 2023, Nicole channeled her creative energy into writing. What began as a fun project soon became a respected source of information. Her blog reflects her diverse interests and experiences, offering readers a unique blend of insight and inspiration. Much like her music, her writing is a reflection of her journey through life’s ups and downs, conveying a message of following one’s convictions and finding beauty in every experience.

Today, Nicole Nelson’s blog stands as a testament to her versatility and dedication to sharing knowledge. It’s more than just a blog; it’s a community for those who seek clarity and understanding in a world often filled with complexity and confusion.
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